Smiling start to school

Socializing Activities , Fun Filled Saturdays , Mesmerizing Start of Morning, Nature Walks Gives SMILING START TO SCHOOL

communication and expression

English Speaking Ambiance to our students providea great start to communication, Podium Friendly Activities Completes Expression

Smart education , smARTER KIDDOS

We believe if Games are Combined with Edu. , Children will gain more. So we Plate Them With Creative Concept Fulfilling The demand of Smart Education , Smarter Kiddos


Exposure to arts provide both emotional and intellectual edge . That why a lot of art session at GCM is a powerful weapon to build Them

Gaining knowledge through excursion

Visits To Different Parks , Pools And Various Other Places Are Made , So That Children Fulfill The Dream Of Gaining knowledge Through Excursions

interactive learning is fun

Story Telling Sessions is best way to develop Their Small Creativity. This Develops vocabulary and listening skills , verbal proficiency andintellactual values of life.

buddies recommending gcm

'My child enjoys coming to school learning new topics and going on exciting trips'.'My experience about this school is pretty good. As a parent I have found the staff, particularly teachers very friendly and approachable. By and large it is pleased to send my child every day.
Radhika Singla
"I cannot thank you all enough for your kind support, to both myself and my son, he has thoroughly enjoyed his first year at "GCM" and he loves coming to school every day - Thank you GCM from deepest from my heart!
Simarjeet Kaur
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